Rod Boot Data

Rod Boots offer protection to the piston rod from harmful effects of severe operating environments and are available for all cylinders. When used, it is necessary to provide additional piston rod extension to allow space for the compressed boot length and end connections. The required extension varies with the rod diameter, stroke length, and boot cover material.




Cover materials suitable for a wide range of operating conditions are available. The standard boot material is a Neoprene coated nylon fabric of sewn construction suitable for use within a temperature range of -45o F to +220o F. Consult LYNAIR, INC. for information on available alternate materials.

The chart below provides data needed to determine boot envelope and rod extension dimensions. The given figures are related to the standard boot size used for each rod size. Other boot sizes with larger diameters having shorter closed length factors, or with smaller diameters having longer closed length factors are available for all rod sizes upon request. Consult LYNAIR, INC. for dimensional information pertaining to these alternate sizes if desired.

To determine the amount of additional Piston Rod Extension, multiply the charted “LF” Factor for the cylin- der rod size by the stroke length, add 11/ 8 inches for the end connections, and adjust answer to the nearest 1/ 8 inch incre- ment. The value produced is termed the “BL” dimension. This value must then be added to the standard “LA” dimension applicable to the given cylinder to determine the total piston rod projection. The adjusted value should then be designated as the required “LA” dimension for order information purposes.

The dimensional requirements described are illustrated in the view below.



force chart